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Top 5 Myths About Asthma in Kids


Asthma is one of the most common chronic conditions in children. That being said, there are undoubtedly many myths and misunderstandings related to this condition which many parents believe, as they worry about their kids and get all worked up because of such myths. But little do they know; they are only myths! To ease the tension, we are here to bust some common myths about Asthma in kids.

Myths about asthma in kids

Before moving ahead, it's essential to know that with the help of generic Asthma drugs, the condition can be controlled, and there is nothing much to be worried about.  

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So without further ado, let's dive in below and smash such myths out of our lives.


#Myth: Asthma is a psychological condition

Stress can sometimes make Asthma attacks worse, but Asthma is not a mental or psychological condition. It is a chronic, physical condition that different things can trigger. Some psychological disorders can cause Asthma attacks temporarily, but that has nothing to do with Asthma being a psychological condition.


#Myth: Asthmatic child should stop running

Parents are often worried about their children when they play sports. Exercises and sports activities can indeed trigger some mild symptoms, but that should not stop your kid from playing or running. If you buy Asthma medication and treat your kid well for the disease, there's nothing different for an Asthmatic kid than a normal one. So, they can run, play, and perform other sports and activities with proper treatment.


#Myth: Asthma medicines are addictive

As Asthma medications generally contain steroids, many people think that they may be addictive. But that's not the case, as steroids present in Asthma medicines work differently from those taken by bodybuilders. Your child's doctor can quickly clear it out for you that there is no addiction factor involved with the asthma medications. You can go for Asthma medicines without any fear of addiction.


#Myth: Asthmatic children will outgrow their Asthma

It's a myth, unfortunate, but it is. Asthma, once developed, is for life. Even after a long pause, Asthma can return anytime without any warning signs. With proper treatment, kids can get better, and the condition starts to disappear with age. But, one should never believe that they can outgrow their Asthma as symptoms can return in adulthood, and you should keep your children ready for that.


#Myth: Asthma medication becomes less effective over time

Different drugs work differently, and the fact is all the medicines are effective. If your child experiences an Asthma attack even after taking regular medications, that doesn’t mean that the drug is less effective. It simply means that air quality is worse or some strong trigger has caused the attack. However, if this continues, you can consult your child’s doctor for changes in his/her medications. But there is no such thing as less effective medications over time.

So, these are the different myths about Asthma in kids and the truth behind them. The condition can be efficiently dealt with, and there is nothing to get all worked up. With the proper treatment and prescription, you can buy Asthma drugs for your kids and get the situation under control.


Stay happy! Be healthy! 


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