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Depression is a mental disorder that intervenes with your daily activity. This condition can be caused due to various biological, psychological, or social distress. Depression can be so extreme that it can also cause suicidal thoughts.

The most common feeling a person goes through in depression is sadness, loss of interest in things, and other significant behavioral changes. 

Though it is a very sorrowful and miserable condition, the good part is that it can be treated with the help of the right therapy and antidepressant medicines

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Now coming back to the blog topic -Do anti-depressants work? Well, this has been a much-debated question. This has been a matter of deliberation for years as the opinions of people vary. Some doubt that they work well, while others swear by it and consider them as essentials. 

To know the crux of it, we must understand what exactly are antidepressants and how they function. 


What are antidepressants?

Antidepressants are medications that work by balancing out chemicals in the brain (neurotransmitters) responsible for the changes in one’s mood and emotions. It gives your mood a jump-start, which helps in surpassing the symptoms of depression. 

While you are on this medicine, it takes at least three to four weeks to notice any change in your mood. In some cases, it can take even longer. However, if you do not see any change in your moods, kindly consult your doctor. 


How long does one need to take antidepressants?

This entirely depends on the severity of your depression. Some people take antidepressants for six to nine months, whereas others might have to take it for several years. Your doctor may need to decide after examining you whether you need to continue taking this medicine or not. It’s not necessary that you might have to lower to your dose if your doctor has prescribed you this medicine for a longer period of time. As in some cases, depression might return if you do so. 

According to a survey, more than 60% of people see improvements in their moods when they start taking antidepressants. And the rest, 40% need to take it more than once to notice a change. 



These medications are effective in moderate, chronic, and severe cases and not in people with mild symptoms.

The main goal of this medicine is to relieve the manifestation of depression, such as; feeling low, sadness, anxiety, sleep apnea, and to make you more emotionally stable so that you can continue to lead an everyday life.  

Though there are many antidepressant medicines present in the market, but how well will they fair on you is the main question. To know how well it is working on you, your healthcare provider will prescribe you the best first and then depending upon the effectiveness and the way it is working on you, gradually change the medication, if needed. 


 How severe are the side effects?

Every medicine does have side effects. It is not necessary that everyone would experience or witness the same side effects. The commonly found side effects include;


- Headache

- Agitation

- Nausea or vomiting

- Sleeplessness

- drowsiness

- Decreased sex drive

- Dry mouth

- Weight gain 


All the medicines affect differently, so it is very uncertain about what side effects, you may experience. 


Piece of advice

Antidepressants are medications that help in treating the symptoms of depression, a severe mental disorder. If you have any doubts about how well they would work on you, consult your doctor. 

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