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Outcomes of stress on one’s body


Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension caused by adverse occurrences. At one point of time in life, every individual deals with it. Stress is considered to be a very normal part of life. However, people get confused with good and bad stress. Stress occurs due to the things happening around you from which you can experience good or bad forms of stress.

Good stress also known as ‘eustress’ can include; getting a promotion and been given greater responsibilities, whereas, bad stress also known as ‘distress’ is the consequence of continuous challenges with any relaxation.

Animated person sitting on stress

Stress can sometimes take a toll on an individual’s body which can cause some nasty outbreaks. Let’s see the following consequences it can cause…



Stress can often lead to headaches. According to a study, 45% cases of chronic headaches is triggered due to stressful events.

Other common headache includes, lack of sleep, dehydration and alcohol consumption.


Appetite changes

Stress can cause two phases in an individual; either one will stop eating completely or the other situation could be, a person would be looking for food in the middle of the night by raiding his/her refrigerator or kitchen in search for food.



Acne is the most visible outcome of stress. According to surveys, a high percentage of teenagers suffering from stress were associated with severe acne problems, especially boys.



Taking a lot of stress may weaken your immune system, making it easy for bacterial infections to catch you. However, not eating correctly or taking enough sleep can also be one of the reasons of you falling sick.



Stress may cause depression. According to surveys, a large number of women dealing with major depression were associated with chronic or acute stress.

However, not all stressful situations can cause depression.



Stress is something you will encounter at some point of time in your life but letting it not take a toll on you is the key.

Fight it with confidence and courage or find ways that can help divert your mind from such stressful situations.

One could practice yoga, exercise or do whatever makes them feel happy.


Note: There are many stress medications one can buy, only if your doctor has recommended you to.


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