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Life After You Have Had COVID-19


While everyone has tried their best to prevent themselves from being infected with COVID-19, many unfortunate individuals still got infected with it. As luck was in favor of many, they all recovered well from the virus; but the main question that arises and has been doing the rounds in those who have recovered and their family members/friends is that, is life the same after you have had COVID or not?

Life after COVID-19

Well, first, let's put light on what some researchers have to say about the long-term effects or after-effects post COVID. The side effects and symptoms can vary from moderate to severe, depending on the person. Some of the most common signs that linger over time in the long run include:


  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Memory and cognitive decline
  • Stress and anxiety


These all can result in degrading quality of life as patients feel disconnected from the outside world and suffer from problems rehabilitating back to their everyday lives. In some cases, there is a risk of re-infection as well, so it is essential to know that the immune system doesn’t get unreachable or robust even after you have recovered from COVID. So, to increase the quality of life and stay safe from this deadly virus, we have come up with some post-COVID tips to help you retain your everyday life.


Wear Mask and Follow Social Distancing

Long-lasting immunity is not acquired during the COVID-19 infection, and anyone who has had COVID should practice the preventive measures even after the recovery. This includes wearing a mask at all times, especially while going outside and maintaining social distancing protocols. Also, wash your hands regularly and always sanitize foreign items that you bring home from the market.


Exercise Regularly

Performing exercises daily can be troublesome for some people if they have recently recovered from COVID. But, you have to slowly build up a routine to make yourself physically and mentally healthy. This also helps in reducing anxiety and stress and makes your immune system strong.


Work on Your Memory

The virus might have damaged some of your memory cells. So, to regain the cognitive thinking abilities, lost attention, and memory, invest your time daily in playing puzzles or games that include sharp memory. Do activities with your family and friends that require complex thinking. Go slowly, but accomplish something every day for your brain.


That’s all about life after you have had COVID. Make sure to pay attention to the symptoms and work accordingly with your mind and body to regain control over your life. Things will get better as more medications and vaccinations will be released to the public. If you feel severe symptoms, consult a healthcare worker or your doctor immediately for diagnosis, treatment, and medications. 


Have a great day. Stay safe! Stay healthy!


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