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Home remedies to relieve sinus headaches


Sinus can be experienced by many due to pressure from seasonal allergies or the common cold. 

Medically known as rhinosinusitis, it is an infection in the sinuses. This condition occurs when the nasal cavities become infected, swollen, and inflamed. Sinus can be caused due to other viruses and, in some cases, bacteria or rare fungus. 

The four main areas where the sinus is usually found are; in your forehead (frontal), between your eyes and across your nose (ethmoid), in your cheeks (maxillary) and behind the eyes and in the back of your head (sphenoid). 

Girl pressing her eyes and nose area

Though there are a plethora of medicines available in the market for treating sinuses, apart from these over-the-counter sinus medicines, there are also many natural remedies that are effective and can help you deal with the pressure. 


Take steam

Dry air and sinus can increase sinus pressure, leading to throbbing headaches and pain. Steam 

helps in adding moisture to the air and moist the sinus passages.

We would advise you to take a hot shower, followed by steam to decrease the pressure. You could also go ahead and add eucalyptus oil to your bath to speed your recovery time. 


Keep yourself hydrated

Dehydration is also seen as one of the key reasons for getting hit by a sinus headache. Not keeping yourself hydrated can continue in drying out your sinus passages and increase the pressure in the face. To avoid this, increase your water intake, as fluids can help decrease the blockages in your sinuses. You can also go ahead and consume water-based beverages or fruits. 



Similar to yoga, researchers have shown that exercise can reduce sinus pressure to quite an extent. Physical activity can improve your recovery time and healing period. It helps in increasing your blood flow, making it easier for you to breathe. 



A good night’s sleep can help your body to recover and rejuvenate. When a person is at rest, the body produces more white blood cells essential for attacking viruses and other bacteria. 



Sinus symptoms are painful and unbearable. If you wish to relieve and get rid of the pain as soon as possible, you could either go for the remedies mentioned above or could also take some OTC sinus medications


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