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Foods that can harm kidney health


The first and foremost thing is to know ‘what is the role of kidney’ in our body. Kidney’s function is to remove waste products and excess fluids from one’s body which is discarded from the body through urine. A human body consists of two kidneys’, each of the size of a human’s fist.

There are many diseases related to kidney, namely, chronic kidney disease, kidney stones, diabetes, polycystic kidney disease, etc. All these diseases are either detected through various tests or when they reach their advanced stages.

Therefore, when we talk about the food items we should avoid or have while suffering from kidney disease, it depends upon the stages and condition a person is growing through. However, dietary restrictions vary on the stages of kidney disease.


Orange depicting kidneys

However, let’s take a look at some of the food items one should strictly avoid when suffering from kidney disease.


Canned food

Canned foods often contain high amounts of sodium as salt is added to it as a preservative to increase the shelf life of the product.

However, rinsing and draining canned food can help reduce the sodium content present in it, depending on what is inside the can.


Brown rice

Though brown rice is counted in being a healthy alternative to white rice, it is higher in potassium and phosphorus than white rice. This makes it not a desirable food item for people suffering from kidney disease.



Bananas are very high on potassium making it unsuitable for consumption. While being low in sodium, one banana can contain up to 422mg of potassium.

Though there are many other fruits too that are high in potassium, pineapple is one fruit that can be consumed as it has less of it.


Processed meat

Processed meats are considered unhealthy due to the high amount of preservatives in it. They are meats that are salted, dried and canned. So, they are a big no-no for people with a kidney disease.



Avocado again is high on potassium, one avocado equals to a whopping 727mg of potassium.

Even though it is touted as a very healthy and beneficial food item, however, it is not advised for people with kidney disease.



If you have kidney disease, then it is very important to reduce or keep a tab of your potassium, phosphorous, and sodium intake.

It’s best if you contact your doctor and follow his diet plan, the best plan, in this case, is a renal diet plan. A diet plan along with your kidney medications can work well together.



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