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Are You Breast Cancer Aware?


Awareness related to breast cancer is very crucial as early detection through screening can catch the disease in a treatable condition. Next to skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in American women, and the risk of developing it sometime in their life is about 12%.The good news is that there are more than 3 million breast cancer survivor. If the disease is not ignored and identified at the right time, it can be treated efficiently with the help of generic breast cancer pills and other medical treatments.


Early Detection saves lives- Breast Cancer


3 S’s of breast cancer

Signs, symptoms and self-examination – These are the three S’s of breast cancer. Let’s dive in and be aware of all three of them.

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Every woman should be aware of how their breast usually feels and look to recognize if there are any significant changes. In case of any changes, a woman should know what she is looking for, but that doesn’t mean there is no medical examination required by a professional, because signs are not always visible.

Let’s look at some common signs and symptoms that indicate you being at high risk of breast cancer.

  1.   Lumps in the breast or underarms – This one is the most common and the first one to get noticed. 

  2.   Swelling of the breast – Sometimes, it’s just some part of the breast and, in other cases, all of it.

  3.   Nipple discharge – In some cases, blood is also discharged.

  4.   Change in size and shape of the breast

  5.   Constant breast pain

  6.   Redness and thickening of breast and nipples.

  7.   The shape of the nipple may be inverted.

  8.   Itching and burning in the breast area

  9.   Dimpling of breast skin – This can also be a sign of very severe breast cancer known as inflammatory breast cancer.

Do not forget to get yourself checked by a doctor regularly and purchase necessary breast cancer medications, as some of these signs and symptoms may not occur until the very last stage.


Merely knowing that breast cancer exists is not enough. You should be well aware of it and know how to self-examine yourself from time to time. Let’s have a look at the steps that you should follow.

 Step 1: Observe your breasts by looking at them in the mirror, standing straight, and arms on your hips. You are looking for the signs mentioned above.

Step 2: Now, look for the same signs and symptoms by raising your arms.

Step 3: Check if one or both the nipples are discharging any kind of fluid.

Step 4: Now lie down and feel your breasts with your hand. Do not hold them hard; keep it firm. Use your right hand to examine the left breast and left hand for the right breast. Cover your breast and start moving your first few fingers in a circular motion. Make sure to feel every inch of your breast. Do the same while standing and sitting.

Step 5: Some find that it easy to examine when the skin is wet. You can also examine while standing in the shower following the same movements mentioned in step 4.

That’s all about breast cancer awareness! Being aware of the different aspects of breast cancer is important, and diagnosing it early will be helpful in future treatment. If you have any signs, consult your doctor immediately for medications. You can easily buy breast cancer drugs online according to your prescription.

Stay aware! Stay healthy!


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