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Alcoholism - Know the Risk Factors and Symptoms


Alcoholism is something that is known by different terms like alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, or alcohol use disorder. But whatever you call it, that won’t change the facts. What’s the fact here? When people drink too much alcohol, the body eventually becomes addicted or dependent on it, and then, everything revolves around alcohol as it becomes an essential part of life.

People going through this disorder will continue to drink alcohol in excess even when the adverse effects are clearly visible such as losing their job, failing in exams, ruining relationships with dear ones, and/or getting violent. The addiction is simply so strong that all these consequences aren’t enough to stop them from drinking.

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It is Alcohol Awareness Month, and there is no better time to learn about Alcoholism. In this blog article, we will be discussing the causes, risk factors, and symptoms of this disorder.


Causes of Alcoholism

The exact cause behind alcoholism is still unknown. The disorder starts developing when you drink too much. This leads to some chemical changes in the brain, which eventually increases the pleasurable feelings you get while drinking alcohol. This causes you to drink more and more, even if it harms your body.

After a certain time, the happy and pleasurable feeling fades away, and as the disorder has developed, people find it hard to prevent drinking. It is mainly because of the withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous and unpleasant.


Risk Factors of Alcoholism

The list of risk factors can get as long as you like. Some of the factors are unavoidable, and some are in people’s control. Let’s check out some of the common risk factors.


  • Psychological Factors - People suffering from psychological conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, and social anxiety are much more likely to develop this disorder.


  • Social Factors - The culture, religion, family, friends, and work environment influence many behaviors, including drinking. Children exposed to alcohol abuse or people who hang out with friends/colleagues who regularly consume alcohol make them more susceptible to alcoholism.


  • Frequent Alcohol Consumption - More than 15 drinks per week for males, 12 drinks for females, or more than 5 drinks on one occasion (binge drinking) increases the risk of Alcoholism.


  • Stressful Environment - When people have a stressful job or toxic relationship or are simply stuck at anything that causes a high level of stress, they turn to alcohol to reduce stress and feel relieved. It’s problematic and can lead to the development of alcohol use disorder.


  • Alcohol with Medicine - Certain medicines or drugs can increase the toxic effects of alcohol in the body. Some people become addicted to the after-effects of taking alcohol with their medications. This can be life-threatening, and people should always consult their doctor about the usage of prescribed medicine with alcohol.


Symptoms of Alcoholism

The symptoms of Alcoholism are based on the behaviors and physical outcomes of drinking alcohol in excess. The common symptoms include -


  • Drinking alcohol in excess to feel the effects.
  • Drinking alone.
  • Responding violently or becoming angry when asked about excess drinking.
  • Missing work or college.
  • Making excuses to drink.
  • Shaking, vomiting, nausea, and other alcohol withdrawal symptoms while not drinking.
  • Eating unhealthy food and neglecting personal hygiene.
  • Missing social or recreational activities with dear ones because of alcohol use.


That’s all about Alcoholism. To treat this severe disorder, people can seek help from their loved ones and get medical treatment. There are many proven anti-alcohol drugs available, like Disulfiram and Acamprosate. Talk to the doctor for a prescription and get immediate help. If you know someone who is going through this condition, talk to them and offer them support.


Have a great day!


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