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5 Pregnancy myths busted


Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a female’s life. But, with it comes to a lot of restrictions because of obvious reasons. Every female is told about all the dos and don’ts according to their elders or mothers who have already been through this beautiful stage. However, all the suggestions that are given should be put in place for good reasons; therefore, there are a few others that can be crossed off the list. 

The best way to do so is to rely on a good medical practitioner who has all the right knowledge and who can guide you in the best way possible, letting you enjoy yourself at the same time. 


Today, at , we are going to bust a few myths that have been doing the rounds during pregnancy. 


Myth #1- The baby should be born on the due date 

Due date is termed as the date the baby should arrive, and when the due date passes, many come under stress. Due date is determined by the doctor by adding 280 days to the first date of your last menstrual cycle. However, the baby arriving anytime during the four weeks is said to be ‘normal.’ 


Myth #2- craving for sweet foods mean you are having a baby girl, and craving salty means you are having a baby boy.

According to research, cravings have nothing to do with determining the sex of a baby. All of these are myths.


Myth #3- ultrasound can determine your infants’ weight.

The best way to know your baby’s weight is to put him on the weighing machine scale after the birth of your baby. No one can tell a baby’s weight before its birth. However, ultrasound can show you the guesstimate of the baby’s size. 


Myth #4- eat three full meals a day 

It is advised to have five to six small meals a day rather than having big full meals. As large meals can cause heartburns, nausea, and indigestion, all these can be triggered due to having large portions. Small meals can not only help avoid these symptoms but can also help maintain a steady blood sugar level.


Myth #5- Every pregnant woman experiences the usual symptoms.

The classic symptoms that a pregnant woman experiences are; morning sickness, dizziness, sore boobs, intense fatigue, and others. It is essential to understand that all bodies are different, while some may experience the usual symptoms, others will experience next to none. Some women may not even notice they are pregnant, while others may experience morning sickness daily for nine months. 


The gist

Take all the right advice that can help you lead a happy and healthy pregnancy. 


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