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  • 5 Most common reasons for not getting pregnant

5 Most common reasons for not getting pregnant


Being a mother or a parent is a blissful and a great feeling that a couple can never explain in words. It’s merely about knowing and carrying a beautiful soul before you can even see it.

Having a baby and starting a family is something every couple craves and desires for, but, it becomes very disheartening when you try your luck every time and you fail at it. It dispirits not only a female but also her partner.

According to surveys, infertility affects approximately around 6.7 million women in the United States. Many infertility cases are due to female infertility, another is due to men and the rest is due to issues affecting both the partners.

Women with her pregnancy test results in her hand

However, it is very important to rule out the factors that contribute to female infertility. Understanding these causes is the most essential step towards resolving this problem.

Let’s have a look;


  •    Ovulation


Ovulation is one of the biggest and the most common reason behind a woman not being able to conceive. This specific condition can be triggered by many sub-conditions, one of the prime reasons being PCOS. Other possible conditions involve; primary ovarian insufficiency, thyroid dysfunction, being over and underweight, and excessive exercise.

A woman experiencing ovulation problems have inconsistent periods, even though regular cycle does not guarantee ovulation to occur.

Human conception requires an egg and a sperm, so, if you are unable to conceive, contact your doctor and get yourself checked.


  • Underlying medical problems


Medical conditions can impact fertility in both men and women. Just for an example; thyroid imbalance or undiagnosed diabetes can lead to infertility. Depression is also associated with infertility; however, it is not well understood.

Albeit, there are many female infertility medications or infertility medications that can help you help you fight this problem.


  • Age-related infertility


Infertility problems commonly occur in people who have passed a certain age. Usually, women who are 35 or above and men after 40, take longer to conceive.

Often, women assume that if they still are having their regular cycles, their fertility is fine, but, this is partially true. Age is a huge factor that impacts egg quality and quantity.

However, if your partner is older to you, say five years, this further becomes a problem, therefore, also increasing the risk of fertility problems after 35.


  • You haven’t been trying enough


Usually, couples feel they have been trying for ages, which in reality may not be the case. But, it’s very important to realize that many couples do not conceive right away.

For your knowledge, about 80% of couples conceive after six months of continuous trying. And, about 90% get pregnant after 12 months of trying. This also assumes you have a well-timed intercourse every month.

However, even if the problem persists, get yourself checked from your doctor and start your infertility treatment now.


  • The problem is with your partner, not YOU


It is very important to understand that it takes two to tango. About 30% of infertile couples discover the problem is in their respective male partners, whereas, rest 40% infertility factors are on both sides. 

Male infertility symptoms are less observable without getting a semen analysis done. This analysis measures the health of semen and sperm.

So, get your partner thoroughly checked if you don’t find any infertility problem in your self.


A word from us


It is very important for a couple to understand each other when they are going through such a difficult phase. Many factors contribute to this problem, which needs to be resolved to help cope with this issue.

Don’t wait for a miracle and get yourself treated as soon as you come to know there is a problem as some causes can worsen with time. The sooner you start the infertility treatment, the more likely it will work for you.

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